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Welcome to fxmathpro.com. Here we talk about  Currency, Forex, Forex and more Forex creating understanding not just knowledge.

New to Forex and thinking how do I begin well you’ve found the solution. Experienced and need some new strategies/ideas and systems still here. Its as simple as read apply repeat then stop refresh (gather thy thoughts and rethink the meaning of life or did I really lock the door) then read apply repeat again. Simple but not as simple its all in the details. So why learn Forex when you can just continue watching that show or YouTube video you just paused or jumped away from…well lets just say its all in the bank about balance at the end of the month *wink wink*.

The key to successful Forex starts with creating a productive environment in the mind. “What do you mean Sensei” said the young grasshopper. “Well grasshopper, the mind is the key to trading success, like the saying 夏炉冬扇 karo tōsen (Literally: Summer heater winter fan),  this interprets to Something which is out of season and therefore rendered useless,” said the sensei majestically as he perched atop of the tallest mountain. Without the proper mindset, knowledge, preparation and maintenance in the mind nothing can grow from the garden there.

This site is dedicated to making you quench your thirst for knowledge, acquire new skills in trading, learn how to use the vast majority of tools, and all the superpowers needed to become a successful Forex trader.

As I said before the key is to read apply repeat. What do I mean well:

  • Read- Learn all or most the Forex education, lingo, jargon, nicknames and aliases. Basically the knowledge needed to read the market
  • Apply- Make profits by gaining pips, Don’t lose the profits from the pips,
  • Repeat- Do steps above again as recommended by Forex doctors worldwide
  • Refresh- Analyze trades, clear the mind ,Take a walk, read another post. This means review all your previous trades so as to not make the same mistakes and make MORE PROFIT

If you can ,and should, do this things repeatedly you will soon be on the next issue of Forbes magazine with that big house, magnificent Italian sports car, gorgeous spouse and more money than you know what to do with. Its not who your underneath but what you do that makes you. That big house isn’t going to buy/build itself isn’t it nothing for nothing. As you ponder your Forex journey, where to start, what to do, who to see and where to live remember the answers you seek are here and BY READING THIS YOUR ONE STEP CLOSER TO THAT DREAM.


  • otalakol leoemma

    Reply Reply October 28, 2019

    How should i benefit from this business?

    • Admin

      Reply Reply October 29, 2019

      You will learn how to create income for yourself and your family no matter where you are from.

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