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Why you should know this Types of Forex Charts

Well, well, well… If you have gone this far you must be itching to learn this charts. You must have seen that Forex and trading is a winnable game you just have to pay the price of learning. Like the Wise man said; “If every day you are not paying the price to make your…

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Which Forex analysis is best

Hello an welcome to the Dojo, Here we continue on the path to enlightenment towards Forex Mastery. To become a Master you must learn from the masters. Young grasshopper we shall continue on this path towards demystifying the art of trading. We had previously looked a the various Forex analysis. Again if you don’t know…

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Fundamental analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Welcome again fellow trader, We are back on this path to forex success. We had previously looked at technical analysis and why its used by many traders and how it causes the market to manifest to the price action it predicts. If you don’t know what this is and are lost like a fisherman lost…

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