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Types of forex brokers

Howdy again traders, We must always look back to the past to better understand the future…said a certain wise man. In the previous post we looked at what makes the internet so damn good. If you don’t know refer back to the post INRODUCTION TO FOREX BROKERS here we found out how brokers came to be…

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Amazing forex chart

Opening a forex trading account

Hello again traders, We are here again to exercise the mind again. No knowledge no gain. We had looked at ways to avoid Forex scams and what action to take when you’ve gotten a raw deal or found yourself in a bucket shop. Before I forget look at that Forex chart above yeah nice yeeeeah… Haha soon…

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More forex orders..

Konichiwa to you budding trader, We had previously learnt about the various forex orders the market, stop-loss, limit entry, stop entry and so on. This were the beginning of various orders you can execute as you learn how to trade forex. This orders are the difference between spending the whole day in front of the…

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Forex market players

Who are the players, deal makers, crowd pullers and straight up killers in the forex market.. After we had previously discussed the forex market hierarchy. if you haven’t read that post go back to WHO TRADES FOREX. Here the was an overview of the forex hierarchy and how they stack up against each other, refer…

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Fundamental analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Welcome again fellow trader, We are back on this path to forex success. We had previously looked at technical analysis and why its used by many traders and how it causes the market to manifest to the price action it predicts. If you don’t know what this is and are lost like a fisherman lost…

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Forex players cont..

Previously we talked about the forex players and had discussed the super banks, if you don’t know who the super banks are refer back to the article FOREX PLAYERS. we discussed that the forex hierarchy has major players who are essentially the forex market itself. The various prices in the stock market are determined by…

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intro pick

Introduction to forex brokers

Welcome again fellow Forex traders and enthusiasts, Back to learning about Forex trading and why we need to add more knowledge to your Forex brain bank. Previously we discussed why people need understand why Forex isn’t a get rich quick scheme. The key was to understand that its a skill that needs time to be…

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How to make money in forex

So we’ve learnt about the various session times but we’ve got to get to the sweet stuff how do you make money. I know this is what you’ve been waiting for the steak not the meat and potatoes.  A few of the famous quotes related to this are; When I was young I thought that…

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More on forex quotes

We had previously learnt how forex quotes are written, for example EUR/USD =1.1800 this means the number of US. dollars needed to buy one Euro are 1.1800. Simple right lets move on to more on forex quotes, This quotes tell you the following when buying, the exchange rate tells you how much you have to…

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Foreign exchanging hands

What is Forex

What is this FOREX you speak of….well you already know what it is. Well imagine you’ve already read the posts/articles here, gotten the skills and are just straight making a killing on the Forex market. Have you imagined…mmh that private jet. Well you’ve just taken the jet and landed in Japan for you 3 month long…

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