Forex History

Why FOREX HISTORY well as the saying goes you’ve got to know where you’re coming from to know where your going. Failure to understand the past limits how you understand the present and the future. Truly great history is not subtle. It smacks you in the face. You know it at the time you’re watching…

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Who trades forex

Hello again, lets return to… Who trades forex!! Well let me explain them to you and demystify this forex market more, because you’ve got to know who your playing against or with if your ever going to win right. The forex market is a decentralized market that is not controlled by a single entity, like the…

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technical analysis

Technical analysis

Hello again, Welcome to another post on learning forex. We looked at the various forex analysis types. We learnt the three most used analysis types and how each one of them is important to the other. If you don’t know what forex analysis is or what these three chart analysis types are please refer back…

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shocked man

Forex isn’t a get rich quick scheme

Welcome again to another post on learning Forex, Here we are trying to demystify the Forex market so as to create trading superstars that the world is yet to see. We looked previously at a demo account and how it is crucial to you getting the right skills, broker and confidence to trade the Forex…

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How to White-list an Email

  Gmail 1. Open an email from Masters of Currency that you want to whitelist. 2. Click on the little down-pointing-triangle-arrow next to “reply.” 3. Click Add “Masters of Currency” to contacts list to finish. Yahoo! Mail 1. Open the email message from the sender you want to add to your address book. 2. Click Add…

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What is a PIP

Since we now know what a forex quote is, how to know when to buy or sell based on you various analysis we need to know what makes up this various quotes. Here we are goin to learn a little forex lingo. this is known as a PIP. Why should we learn about a pip because…

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Which Forex analysis is best

Hello an welcome to the Dojo, Here we continue on the path to enlightenment towards Forex Mastery. To become a Master you must learn from the masters. Young grasshopper we shall continue on this path towards demystifying the art of trading. We had previously looked a the various Forex analysis. Again if you don’t know…

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checklist Things to look for in a broker

Things to look for in a broker

Bonjour fellow trader, Welcome back to another installment of learning Forex the segment based on demystifying Forex daily, hourly and minutely like the famous Forex charts. Here we need to learn how Forex brokers work and how to chose one. We previously looked at the three types of brokers and learnt their traits. This were dealing…

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Forex charts and money

Types of forex analyisis

Konichiwa again traders, Welcome back to another post on learning Forex. We looked at how to open a Forex trading account and created what is known as a demo account. We looked at the procedure to create such an account and the necessary things needed to create such an account. Again if you don’t know…

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When to buy or sell a pair

So we have learnt how to read the forex quotes if you haven’t refer back to the previous article MORE ON FOREX QUOTES. You should now be able to read the quotes so as to be able to move to knowing when buy and when to sell a pair so to make that almighty profit,…

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