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Introduction to forex brokers

Welcome again fellow Forex traders and enthusiasts,

Back to learning about Forex trading and why we need to add more knowledge to your Forex brain bank. Previously we discussed why people need understand why Forex isn’t a get rich quick scheme. The key was to understand that its a skill that needs time to be understood and sharpened just like you would create and sharpen a sword.  A fine blade or sword like the Japanese katana, the sword that is the symbol of the past great samurais, takes one thousand blows of the blacksmiths giant hammer just to get a crude shape of sword but make it super strong. It is then past to the sword sharpener to make it sharp enough to split a hair. So you see as the blacksmith must take his time to build the perfect sword, you must be ready to put in the effort to understand Forex and this site is here to shorten the learning curve.

So with that it mind we must look at Forex like an art, yes we can quicken the process but its still an art. The next step is to look at the Forex brokers since they are the ones that provide the platform needed to create those important profits. Again the internet brought us very many important things this such as, and…but the most important of this is the online Forex brokers. As we had discussed before it was very hard for the ordinary man to get in to Forex trading. The governments were strict and even if you could get in you need a huge amount of capital that is ten to fifty million dollars just to start. This is why the online Forex brokers are a Godsend that has made it way easy for anyone to trade in  Forex.

Most successful traders would be here were it not for the internet. Also back then governments were extremely strict on Forex exchange since it was the basis of their economy. It wasn’t until the Commodities Futures Trade Commission (CFTC) passed the following bills; the Commodity Exchange Act and the Commodity Futures Modernization Act this bills opened the door for online Forex trading.

That’s enough history for now just remember internet made Forex accessible. Since almost everyone had access to the internet opening a Forex account was not only simple but convenient. This meant many Forex brokerage firms started appearing everywhere to take advantage of this opportunity. So this led to good brokers and bad brokers and you must know the difference if you intend to become a Forex success..

How to tell or know a good broker move to TYPES OF FOREX BROKERS..

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