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We had looked at the various forex orders and how they relate to the various ways you can execute trade orders. This increases the way you can create various orders and increase your opportunities to make profits. The various orders are crucial in opening and closing various forex positions meaning you are guaranteed to make the pips and keep the pips even when your AFK(Away from keyboard). Again if you don’t know what are forex order is and think I am speaking an ancient Chinese dialect please refer to the posts FOREX ORDERS and MORE FOREX ORDERS. Then you can begin to apply the various orders in your daily trading and also as said before speak like the traders. Stick to those basic orders since they are the ones most used and you’ll be fine.

Here we are going to be looking at Demo accounts..

What is a demo account and why should you use one.

To begin with a word of caution don’t trade with real money until your comfortable with your brokers order terms, entry system  and fees. You should practice first before you use real money. So when you choose a broker you should warm up by getting to know how they work. Here we begin to see a demo account as your way to ultimate success.

A demo account is an account that allows you to trade with virtual currency and not risk your own. This means you are trading the actual market like you would with an actual real money deposit. Its like training wheels on the time like first time you learnt to ride a bike. It means their is no possibility of any loss or in this case falling of the bike and hurting yourself.

You can open a demo account with most forex brokers for absolutely nothing…..that’s right totally free. You might ask why would they let you trade for free, well they want you to know the way there trading platform works, get used to trading without risk and end up falling in love with them and depositing real money.

This demo accounts allow you to sharpen your trading skills with no fear of loss just like you’d trade with real money.

You should always demo trade until you’ve gotten a proven, solid, consistent and profitable system before you even consider putting real money on the line. REMBER THIS SO AS NOT TO CRY LATER

So if you able to not lose money and learn to trade we move to FOREX IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME..



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    I’m interestade in your treding compony

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    Great information need to make money

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    when I first started I started to go to florida to learn from a school I lost the info and well the holicost was kicking off ,the big d, basically lost all train of thought ,thank you for bringing it back ,if you old boys new how down I was , thanks a lot…

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      Glad to help…remember read all the articles

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