stop Bad forex brokers

Bad forex brokers

Hello there trader,

We are back to learning some Forex and we need to pump ourselves full of knowledge just like you would fill a tire. The tire cant work well if we don’t fill it full of air, in this case Forex knowledge. As you see you cant just fill the tire with just some air you need a lot of air at a high pressure to get it working good. Remember you can also overfill the tire and make bust. I’ll stop this story and tell you the moral here. There is the mind and we need to fill it with a lot of knowledge, tools and strategies so as to make it perform at optimum. Also important is not too overfill the tire which it too much information which is irrelevant. Here spending time learning unnecessary stuff will lead to information overload and lead you to bust your tire meaning never trade or stop trading. Here we aim to give the best information and tools to make you the best trader you can be.

Wow…that was long back to business. How to know bad Forex brokers. This are the brokers with dodgy/questionable trading practices. It is the greed for money that leads people to open this bad broker firms, like the say money cant buy happiness but at least I’m not broke paradoxical is it not.

The bad broker firms are known as bucket shops. Why the odd name you might ask. The name comes from the old school Forex broker firms. You see in the old days you would phone in your orders and the broker will write a slip to execute the trade. This guys would then drop the slips in a bucket and not execute. This means you were at the mercy of what the broker says. They never disclosed the prices of the assets and this meant they could tell you whatever they want and you had to believe it. You see without executing the trades they’d tell you the market went down or up as they see fit and keep you money for themselves and not trade it. So the name came Forex bucket shops.

Thanks to the internet and improved regulations you have less to worry about but you must still be wary because this Forex bucket shops still exist. A good way to know whether your broker is a Forex bucket shop is to read the online reviews about them or head to a Forex forums to know them

Its up to you to look for good brokers but at we will make it easy and recommend to you a few good brokers so look out.



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